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Nice but no overworld

Good game however I like being able to walk to a location in the game whether it's in the field or a town.

Very Good RPG

Interesting theme story and fun classic gameplay without much grinding nor necessary in-app purchases, a player's game.

Good game but HELP!

Great game but where do I go after IShvara Sanctuary?????


Cool so far.

Need quest details

You are forced to read everything to know where to go next and once you take a break from it and come back you already forget where to go. There needs to be a way to find out where i need to go, at the very least be able to ask king again where to go


I like this game having a eng in your party is nice


Little choppy but good game


So far not too bad

Nice RPG

Great music, and lunar like graphics. Menus need some work.

Simple retro style RPG

Very simple RPG that features many of the elements kemco games are known for: forging, material collection, save the world story lines, etc. it actually see,a like the first version of one of their games released earlier but I forget which as the material names and foraging spots are the same. Regardless it's what you can expect from a kemco title, the only part I would improve on is the hub. It is supposed to be information central where you can take on quests but there are no side quests here, next to no hidden passages in the caves, etc. I'm sure the sequel will include these :)

It's ok

But I'm not feeling this one like some of the others. It needs to Support iPhone 5 and not just little pic's on each side of Screen.


Best of kemco so far

Cross Heart Arcadia*****

Love the game is wow, battle system is great, the music lovely+graphics. Thank You for it.!!!!!!!********

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